Future Bus-Tech Competition

(Phase Pupa)


The Task

Next phase is organizing inter-university competition for student teams.  It is going to be  a simulated student company (somewhat similar to what Junior Achievement does) but with stress on using exponential technologies in their business proposals. The student teams have 3 months to prepare in details investor-ready presentations about their idea.


Distinguishing features

There will be several distinguishing points of the competition:

  • In every university we kick-off with a workshop with small intriguing creative tasks (with exponential technologies) to challenge and motivate students to participate
  • While preparing their business visions the students will be able to consult and work closely with leading experts in such key fields as genetics, robotics, informatics, neuro-science etc.
  • Throughout the development of the ideas every team keeps an online platform (wiki) of their idea with ongoing updates.
  • The competition finals will present additional challenges to the participants besides their presentation.
  • There will be system for self-evaluation so that all the participants are judging jury as well.
  • The presentations will be marked additionally for convincing creativity.
  • By regulation every students presentations will end with the phrase “You have just been future shocked” as a cool reminder  of what we are aiming.
  • Participation in the competition would give an ECTS grade so that it is part of the study curriculum.


The outreach will be Bulgaria, then neighboring countries and if all goes well – it will be expanded to South-east Europe. Target audience is university students and maybe high school students.

There will be local sponsorships for the national competitions, but mostly the awards would be participating in the grand international final. For the final there will be sponsors (and investors) who will arrange for the grand award.



The competition itself runs along a period of three months (roughly one semester). There are several milestones during the period – dates for presenting progress reports (see Competition stages). 
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