There are three phases of the project
* Phase Larva (started in 2011) – a competition among students at the University of National and World Economy in which small teams of two or three work to propose and present a vision for business based on some exponential technology.
* Phase Pupa (preliminary talks) – an inter-university competition for student teams. A simulated student company with stress on using exponential technologies in their business proposals. The student teams have 3 months to prepare in details investor-ready presentations about their idea. The outreach will be Bulgaria, then neighboring countries and if all goes well – it will be expanded to South-east Europe.
* Phase Imago – Online platform for collaboration and invention of business applications of exponential technologies. The platform is organized as a competition in game-like conditions but also includes elements of crowdsourcing. There is a rating system based on self-evaluation and also on expert opinions.

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