Future Bus Tech Competition stages


The competition itself runs along a period of three months (roughly one semester). There are several milestones during the period – dates for presenting progress reports.


Stage 0 (approx. duration 1 week)
Every team submits the following information:
– Identification: team name, project logo, slogan
– Team: list of members, short bios, photo (or avatar) contact info
– Project: working title, initial idea as a written abstract up to 10 lines
Stage 1 (approx. duration 1 week)
The teams submit a more thorough explication of the idea (up to 3 pages) – written proposal including: main business idea, market overview, technology, selling points, etc.
Stage 2 (approx. duration 1 week)
Starting up
Detailed description of product/service design, including major technical specifications, marketing ideas etc. It is expected that by this stage the teams have already started consulting with experts.
Stage 3 (approx. duration 1 week)
Work in progress
Results from market research and feasibility studies.
Stage 4 (approx. duration 1 week)
Beta version
Preliminary business proposal submitted for preliminary evaluation of up to 3 independent experts.
Stage 5 (approx. duration 1 week)
Pitching in front of Evaluation board with investors and experts. The other teams also get to evaluate the proposals.
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