Futurology Business Vision Competition

(Phase Larva)




* Acquainting students with exponential technologies

* Promoting technological entrepreneurship

* Beta-testing a larger competition



Every November small teams of two or three work about a month to propose and present a vision for business based on some exponential technology.


Progress report:

We have had over thirty proposals so far. Some of them were so topical that within a year of their presentation similar businesses have been started in Bulgaria. The students have been participating enthusiastically.

List of participants from 2011…

List of participants from 2012…


Phase Larva has fulfilled its goals to serve as a start-up point of the project and it is practically finished. But the practice of students preparing business proposals with exponential technologies is not going to stop – we are going to continue the competition and to direct all willing to participate to the Singularity University Global Impact Competition.

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