Future Shocked Online


An online platform combining features of a browser game, a crowd-sourcing website and an entrepreneurship social network. The whole platform is idea generator (a “gamerator”) for inventing business applications of exponential technologies. The goal is Future Shocked Online to become an online community for inventive people, interacting  and collaborating on mutual projects.

The teams self-organize on the bases of declared interests of the registered users. Every team develops a business idea (vision) combining the knowledge and the experience of the various team members. All the teams a re competing with each other for best evaluated project. While working on the project participants will have the opportunity to consult with leading experts. During  the work process decides what part of the project information to make visible to the other teams. Also there will be self publishing tool for easy disseminating of the vision outside of the platform. All business ideas are licensed under Creative commons. Every part of a project is reusable by other teams in other projects.

Every project is evaluated and gains rating points, using system for mutual self-evaluation. There is also independent recommendations by experts and investors. The competition is ongoing, but there are regular check points (say every two months), when the current  rank list of all projects is computed. At this point the top qualified projects are awarded. The awards are organized meeting with real venture investors. The investors also provide the revenue of the website as they could pay for special membership with the possibility to read the ideas before being published outside of the platform. Other source of revenue is specialized advertising.

Future Shocked is designed and administrated by Angel Marchev, Jr., 2013, Visitors: