Game features

  • Every team selects (or creates) an avatar, a hero whose role they collectively assume. The hero can be of different essence: mecha-, orga-, info-, silicon- , etc. and of different trade: scientist, entrepreneur, designer, etc. The hero receives upgrade with each passing success of the competition.
  • Every team could participate many times as long as it finishes the current project (all the way to evaluation) OR maybe there should be a limit of maximum  two projects at a time.
  • Teams may/should consist of international participants with various backgrounds. There is a pull of job seekers – users without a current team.
  • Points are received by voting, unique visitors on the homepage of the project and recommendations. Each team member receives points uniformly with the rest of the team.
  • There is a self-evaluation system which means that the projects are rated (voted for) by the other users. Each user receives a budget of votes every hour, and has a maximum votes capacity. So votes are actually a sort of resource. Each user could vote (spend) until finishes the budget (temporarily). Users can not vote for projects in which they are involved. Voting is not anonymous and every vote is back-traceable. Each vote is weighted by the score of the voter, so better ranked users, have bigger impact. This self-evaluation system is necessary for using the knowledge and experience of everyone not only as inventor, but also as an evaluator.
  • The recommendations are written/given only by specially assigned experts and investors. The experts are specially invited, the investors have signed-up for membership. Both have the obligation to give at least one recommendation a day.
  • incline-300x134Additionally each project is categorized along the exponential curve with a small graphical icon in the form of a straight line. The sooner impacting project are marked with close to horizontal line, the further impacting lines are marked with different degree of inclined line. This categorization is initially done by the project team, but then it is voted by other users comparing it to other projects. So for each project there will be a sort of relative timing among all the projects.
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