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TYB ( Test Your Body )

pepaPepa Dimitrova 

Hello J My name is Pepa Dimitrova. I’m 22 now and I’m studying business administration. It’s interesting for me. I would like one day to have my own business and I want my knowledge to be useful for a lot of people. I’m working as shop assistant and I like this job because I meet a lot of new people so I can improve my communication skills.



Doroteya Lyangova

I am Doroteya Lyangova and I am 22 years old. I am graduated from the National high school of finance and business. I majored Economy and management. To date I follow higher education in the University of National and World Economy, majoring in Business Administration. I love to participate in various competitions and always try to show the best that I can.





Non – invasive methods for diagnosing

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Project abstract:

This is unusual method for diagnosing. It can help you to see what happens in your body. Are you health or you are just thinking that you are? Which are your illnesses? So you can help yourself alone without doctor. You can really prolong your life. Tomorrow you can be healthier than today.





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