Team name:  S&P


Sneji avatarSnezhana Ivanova Pirdopska

Date of birth: 28 Jan. 1991

Occupation: Student at the University of National and World Economy, major – Business Administration.

Interests: Gaining knowledge

Favourite phrase: Timshel!




Petya avatarPetya Krasimirova Petrova

Date of birth: 08 May 1991

Occupation: Student at the Univerity of National and World Economy, major – Business Administration

Interests: Reading books

Favourite phrase : “It is only shallow people who require years to get rid of an emotion. A man who is master of himself can end a sorrow as easily as he can invent a pleasure. I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.”


Project name:   Smart clothes

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Abstract idea:

Do you wish your T-shirt easily transforms into a warm jaket when you get outside? Or maybe you want your computer installed into it?  The application possibilities of future smart clothes are connected with ability to change their geometry and color, sense and react to external conditions, monitor human physiological state, light emission and shielding the wearer from radiation. Not only that, but the electric conduction all over the clothes enables the use of any part of it as a perfectly working computer device responding to your wishes. You think it is a dream?  No, this is the FUTURE!

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