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My name is Plamena Petrakieva and I am 21 years old. I’m from Pleven but I have been living in Sofia for 9 years. I’m a student at the University of National and World Economy, Business Administration for bachelor degree and it’s my last year. I have a colorful personality. I love to travel, my dream is to travel around the whole world. I like to meet new people and see new places. My hobbies are reading and dancing. I love challenges and I will give everything from me in that competition, so be ready to be future shocked!

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I am Elvira Dupcheva, 22 years old, from Devin. I am studing at UNWE, Sofia. It’s my last year of bachelor degree in Business Administration. I have worked in delivery firm as operator of data entry. I am happy with my classes and I am interested in any kind of new things. This competition is a challenge for me and my team-mate. I like team working and the process of producing ideas so be ready to be future shocked!

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project: Automatisation of training through suggestopedy method

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 Project Abstract:
Suggestopedia is a teaching method developed by the Bulgarian psychotherapist Georgi Lozanov. It is used in different fields, but mostly in the field of foreign language learning. Lozanov has claimed that by using this method a teacher’s students can learn a language approximately three to five times as quickly as through conventional teaching methods. PhotoReading allow learn and absorb reading material 3 times faster than you can now. The purpose of our project  is to create another way of easy reading and learning. An alternative of photoreading and sygestopedy program, but automatisated and simpliphied…




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