Participants and proposals in the Futurology business vision 2011-12

(most are in Bulgarian)

Team members
Business vision
 Eliana Mateva,
 Oksana Kuncheva
 Stem cells for natural enlarging of women breasts
 Written proposalPPT,  Marketing materials
 Gergana Georgieva
 Brain Computer Interfaces
 Written proposal
 Ludmila Kamishchuk
 BioTech specific applications
 Written proposal
 Viara Stoikova, Donika Stoikova
 Business application of cloning
 Georgi Mutafchiev, Nelia Macheva
 Antimatter – the future
 Written proposal
 Krasimira Racheva, Silvia Velichkova
 Augmented reality for tourists’ information card
 Written proposal
 Kristina Manoleva, Kremena Stancheva
 Bio-printing applications
 Written proposalPrezi
 Kristyan Mihaylov
 AI for aided communication of blind people
 Written proposal
 Ludmil Hristov
 DNA programming
 Written proposal
 Metodi Mladenov
 NanoTech + NanoMed = Immortality
 Written proposal
 Zlatina Kiriakova,  Milva Georgieva
 Regenerative medicine
 Written proposal
 Nevena Georgieva
 Modern methods for genetic analysis
 Written proposalResources
 Georgi Milanov,  Nikolai Kolev
 Robotized limbs
 Written proposal
 Nikolai Garnev,  Evgeni Vasev
 Synthetic biology. Various business ideas
 Written proposal
 Plamena Hadjiivanova
 Non-linear and non-invasive computer aided physical diagnostic
 Written proposalResources
 Svetozar Trendafilov,  Veselin Kasarov
 Human enhancement
 Written proposal
 Vasilena Gencheva,  Vasilena Mutavchiiska
 New challenges for medicine for curing diabetes
 Written proposal
 Veselka Grigorova
 Stem cells – cure for any illness
 Written proposal
 Zdravka Blagoeva,  Teodora Nikolova,  Nina Mihaylova
 Written proposal
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